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Simple HTML-only website on free hosting. Hangman JS game, with satoshi Faucet as a bonus.
What you are getting:
Credentials to login to the website dashboard.

What to do after the purchase:
– IMPORTANT! Change emails / user IDs / passwords to yours to gain full control of the website.
– Add banners (the ad places are marked in the HTML, look for h_ad_placeholder and v_ad_placeholder)
– Replace the test faucet (ID 123456) with yours.
By default the game uses test faucet (ID 123456), like this one:

It is completely operational, but does not offer too much of a prize, and does not show well at the Faucet List.
So, it is a good idea to replace it with your own Faucet. Read how.
When your Faucet is ready, put the ID at the variable faucet_id (line 16 of index.html)

Please note: All sales are final, no returns or exchanges.


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